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Can I showcase the work of two people simultaneously?

  1. We would like to use WordPress for our website. There are two artists in our studio. Is it possible to create a side-by-side site that will show our work separately and simultaneously? Thank you. Kristy

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have flagged this for staff as only they can decide.

  3. @higbyflowers
    There is no theme that will do that here at You can however, create two columns in your posts.

  4. I was thinking in terms of whether it is allowed in the T&Cs. I know that the usual rule is that you can only promote things that you have personally made yourself, but a blog promoting two artists working together would seem to be in the spirit of the rule if not the letter.

    I relaise that there is the "thin end of the wedge" problem - if two are allowed what about three - then what about an "art factory" with 20 people semi-industrially producing souvenirs.!

    That's why I flagged this for staff to clarify whether its allowed.

  5. Art collectives do indeed have blogs here. Art galleries, no sales blogs as far as I'm aware.

  6. Just my opinion, but a couple of artists showcasing their work sounds fine.

    We have wedding photographers posting blogs, not to mention real estate agents, travel agents, and insurance agents. There are financial advisers, writers, plumbers, tattoo studios, construction and landscape owners, and even politicians who post about what they do. Lots of professionals have blogs here. There are even a few artists among them.

  7. Yes, this sounds like a fine use for

    I think you'll find a good solution for two columns at Timethief's link.

    I hope that helps!

  8. So do I ... lol :D

  9. Heheh :)

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