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can i suggest another music widget?

  1. i can't stand the bulky look of odeo and sonific is just...terrible. i want to suggest to be added as a replacement to these two. it's look is sleek, compact, and it's not required for one to register to get a code for you to paste a song onto a blog. any way we can convince the heads up at wordpress to consider this website instead?

  2. best bet is to send in a feedback along with a link to the site as well as an explaination as to why you would like to see this added.

    Good luck,

  3. do i send feedback? where is the feedback link? is that in the ideas forum?

  4. Feedback is at the upper right corner of your dashboard pages when you're logged in.

  5. They sure seem to have better music!

  6. You should also check out the regular audio player. All you need is the URL of an MP3 and it's unobtrusive to say the least.

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