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Can I swap the main menu to below my header? (Blogum)

  1. Hi I love the simple/clear look of Blogger, but my site needs a tweak...
    can the menu swap place with the header?
    my page is currently:
    Thanks, Clive

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The "tweak" you suggest cannot be done without an upgrade and the required skills for editing CSS. Have you purchased an annually renewable custom design upgrade and is this a CSS editing question?

  3. Thanks Timethief...
    I'm too much of a novice to know what kind of a tweak I'm asking for...
    If I go with CSS is that reasonably easy?

  4. No I don not think it's "easy". There's one Staff member who provides support for it. The ugrade is renewable annually. If you don't renew it reverts back to the original theme.

    If would choose another theme. There are 170 free themes and many have custom image headers. Among those are ones that display the blog title and/or tagline above the header image.

  5. It's possible without the upgrade. See here for some related tweaks:
    And here for something closer to what you want:
    In my opinion menu below image doesn't look good in this theme, but anyway: where do you want the tagline to be?

  6. @justpi
    Cool. Bookmarking! :)

  7. @TT: The second link is one of my favorite threads; I even wrote a post about it:

  8. @justpi
    Bookmarking! :)

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