can I switch websites?

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    my profile is linked to wrong website. I created a wordpress site for a client a while ago and they are no longer in business. But my email is linked to it with my correct avitar and such but my own website isn’t linked to and I would like it to be.

    The blog I need help with is



    The cashinfintness site is the one I don’t want. but that’s what shows up in my account here. I don’t even think I can log in to it. I went through the cancelation process and they sent me an email to verify that I want to cancel but when I clicked the link it asked me to sign in and I don’t have the login info, so I’m guessing it won’t get deleted.
    But I would like to use my own website with my account not the old clients site. smh.. sorry if that is confusing




    You can change your website by going here:

    On the Web Address field, enter the URL you want to display.



    Thanks hrzrhmn. but the website listed there is correct. but if I go to the tab at the top that says my blogs. That is where it shows the wrong site. Therefore when I’m logged in to my website and try to see some analytics they don’t show because the wrong site is connected to my profile some how lol
    I was able to remove / delete the website but there was two of the same and now there is still one there and it’s not the correct one.

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