Can I take over an account that was registered two years ago but never been used

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    I have just signed up for a WordPress account under empoweryourhealthinfo as empoweryourhealth wasn’t available.

    However, after I posted my first lengthy post out of curiosity I decided to check out and to my annoyance found out that ONLY TWO WORDS had ever been posted to the blog, way back in February, 2011, and these were probably posted by WordPress.

    What I’m wondering is if there is any way to contact the current NON USER of the account and see if they would be willing to cancel the account so as I could then sign up for it as everything I’m doing is based around Empower Your Health not Empower Your Health INFO.

    I REALLY. Hope this can be achieved.

    I’d be ETERNALLY grateful if you can help.

    Warm regards,

    Grant Collins

    Empower Your Health

    The blog I need help with is


    No, you can’t take over an account and just because someone has only posted twice publically, doesn’t mean that the rest of the blog is not in use. People can post privately and their posts won’t show. Or they might have a life-issue and not be able to blog for a long time then return to it.

    Blog names are also never recycled. Please read this:



    Thanks for such a quick response.

    Being new to WordPress, I wasn’t aware of your policy – just aware of the fact that it appeared to NEVER have been used before.

    I hadn’t considered that there might have been private messages being posted – in fact I had no idea that this was EVEN POSSIBLE – so I’ve learnt some valuable info.

    I’ll have to do a search on how to do the private posts as they may come in handy in the future. I guess there may have been a higher purpose behind my original request.

    Thanks again.

    Warm regards,



    Two things. First, here’s how to post privately:

    Also, as you’re new here, this should help you a lot:

    and know that there is a wealth of extra information in the support documents, here:


    Also, you should know about this:


    Hi absurdoldbird,

    Thanks so much I’ll check them all out and the advertising one as well.

    Warm regards,




    …you could leave them a comment, and simply ask for the URL.



    Thanks – I thought of that – but have since found out that it is against WordPress policy to recycle URL’s under ANY circumstances.

    Warm regards,




    A URL can be transferred – but once it is deleted it is gone forever



    If you leave a comment, the blogger can decide for him/herself.


    Thanks auxclass,

    As I’m new here, does anybody know the best way to contact the person who set up the blog as there obviously not checking the blog. Or will they AUTOMATICALLY receive an email, assuming the email address is still valid, if I leave a comment requesting a transfer.

    Thanks again,

    Warm regards,


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