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    My domain name is currently registered through Namecheap. Can I transfer it TO WordPress after 60 days? Trying to set up and getting everything to work through Namecheap has been such a headache, and it would be much easier on me to have my domain registered in the same place as my hosting service. Everything was working fine up until a few days ago, but now I keep getting 502 error messages. I never have this much trouble with my other blog which IS registered through
    Blog url:



    Unfortunately, we cannot accept incoming domain transfers at this time, but hopefully we’ll be able to in the future.

    At this time, you can just map your existing domain here following the guide at which it looks like you have done.

    There’s always the slight possibility that the errors could be on our end. The next time it happens, would you please take a screenshot and upload it to your blog so we can take a look?


    Darn :( Thanks, macmanx.

    Sure. I snapped this about 5 minutes ago:



    Unfortunately, that’s definitely us. :(

    It’s also difficult to track down if we can’t reproduce it, and it is working properly now.

    Would you please let us know again the minute you see the error?


    Definitely! Thanks for your help again, mac. I’m still getting the 502 error when I try now. Should I give it some time and check back tomorrow?

    Also, it wasn’t until your/WP’s help that I was able to set up my nameservers properly on Namecheap’s side (that support thread is here: At the time, I had MX 10 and MX 20 in my WordPress Custom DNS field, but I deleted them after my site started working. Should I have not removed those?

    #619707 is working for me right now. However, if you’re changing the DNS settings around, that can cause it to be unstable for a while. Every time you make an update to DNS such as changing the name servers, that information must propagate throughout the internet. It is picked up by master databases first, and then each internet service provider updates their records at their own interval. So, how fast you see a name server change start to work will depend on your location.

    Keep in mind that in order for domain mapping to continue to work, the name servers must be set to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM, and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM. If you are mapping your domain to and you changed the name servers to something else, you should change them back.


    Thanks for your help, design. Ever since this thread:, they have been pointing to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM, and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM (on Namecheap’s side).

    I just wanted to make sure that my WP Custom DNS field is correct ( Should it not have anything related to Namecheap in it (i.e., the ‘MX 10’ and ‘MX 20’ I mentioned)? Because when my site finally started working last week, those WERE in my WP Custom DNS field. Then after everything started working, I removed them from my WP Custom DNS field. But I don’t need that in my Custom DNS field, correct?

    Sorry, hope that made sense.


    That’s correct. You only need to add custom DNS if you have a specific purpose to do so, such as connecting your email service to your mapped domain.

    If you don’t have any custom services setup that require special DNS, then you don’t need to worry about the Edit DNS page.


    Thank you both!!

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