Can I transfer my content to self-hosting after 60 days?

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    I signed up for a domain/blog mid September. A few weeks ago I realised that to do what I want to do I require self-hosting. I tried to transfer my content with the assistance of the happy… transfer people and was told this option was not available to me.

    I then read that in the first 60 day of registering a blog you can not transfer it. Will i be able to use the happy transfer service once 60 days have passed?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, you are using a premium theme on

    The Guided Transfer product is not currently available for blogs that use premium themes. To purchase a Guided Transfer, please switch to a free theme first (we’ll transfer that theme for you). Or you can transfer your blog elsewhere by following these steps:


    Hi Jenia,

    Thanks for your response :-)

    That’s a bit of sad news. So can I transfer the blog following those steps now, or do I have to wait till the 60 days have passed?




    You can transfer your content and redirect your domain elsewhere at any time. It’s just transferring the domain name to a new registrar that is locked prior to 60 days by law.

    You’ll need to install WordPress from on a hosting provider. We have some recommendations at

    Then, point your domain to your new hosting provider by changing your name servers:

    After 60 days from registration, you can transfer your domain registration to a new registrar if you desire:

    Once the name servers are changed, you can move your content following this guide:

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities. has complete support and documentation sites for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress at:

    We do offer yearly and one-time premium support packages for self-hosted WordPress sites through our VIP program, available at


    Hi Macmanx,

    Thanks for this.

    I’ve spoken with the premium theme provider, studio press, and they are happy to supply the premium theme (free) for my self hosted blog. Does that change things? Would a happiness engineer be happier assisting with the premium theme available :-)

    If not, I’m just wondering how complicated and fraught with dangers the transfer process is for an individual who is not very good with computers?

    Am I better off just starting again from scratch, installing wordpress from on my hosting provider (, getting my theme from studio press and building the site the way I built my current one?



    If I remove the premium theme and custom design from your account, we can certainly help you with a Guided Transfer.

    Would you like me to do that for you?

    The moving everything yourself isn’t too complicated, just time-consuming with several steps. We’re here to help if you run into trouble.


    You’re quick Mac :-)

    Hmmm… So I remove the premium theme, you transfer the content across to hosted by hostgator, I reinstall the premium theme on and… the content then automatically slots into the parameters of the theme (with current CSS adjustments) and looks exactly as it does now?

    If it’s that easy, certainly!

    But I get the feeling that there’s probably a time consuming, ripping my hair out stage that I’ve missed :-)



    That is definitely the idea.

    I have removed the theme and Custom Design upgrade from your account.

    You can now purchase a Guided Transfer from the Store section of your blog’s Dashboard.


    Okay. And will the Custom Design upgrade be available on the other side?



    It won’t be, but you won’t need it either. You’ll have full access to modify your theme.



    I’ve purchased the transfer.

    Where do we go from here? You need my hostgator details?




    Our Guided Transfer Team will contact you via email as soon as they can.


    Awww. I thought it was gonna be you Mac :-)

    Okay. Thanks



    You’re welcome!

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