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Can I turn a post into page?

  1. I skimmed the forum but didn't see my question:
    I would like to turn a post into a page, comments and all, with room for more comments. In other words, I would like that post to behave exactly as it is behaving now, except I'd like it to be outside the post structure and permanently linked under the Page widget in my sidebar. Can I do that?

  2. Most of the suggestions in the forum have been about replicating the post as a page, but not turning a post into a page. I don't believe that it can be done, sorry!


  3. Some themes do have pages that do allow for comments. However, as trent points out there is no method for "automatic" conversion. To set this up you would have to manually transfer (copy and paste) both the existing post text and the existing comments into a page.

  4. Worst part is you can't move the comments. It just doesn't really work that well.


  5. Copy and paste. If you've got a theme that allows comments on pages, like Dusk, you can do it but it's ugly and the comments you move will always look different from the other ones added later, unless you go to Comment and do each one individually, which would be way too much work for 12+ comments.

  6. Both drmike and I have gone through the tedious process of moving more than 12 comments one at a time by the copy and paste method. Although I'm not recommending it, I did think it was important to let tanglethis and others reading this thread know that it can be done, but not "automatically".

  7. Thank you all very much. I'm a little sad but I suppose it won't kill me to copy/paste or reformat this post.

  8. Yes it's a grind but it can be done :)

  9. Why not just put a link of the post at the top in your sidebar so people will click on it as your special POST? That way you don't really need to c&p.

  10. Hey, that's a smart idea: use a text widget to direct people there.

  11. Agreed. You can do it with regular wordpress but not with what we have here. If you had database access, you can do it.

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