Can I turn off Aksimet, or view the “spam” it blocks?

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    According to Aksimet it has blocked 5 spam comments on my blog. However, it does not let me see them so how do I know they are not legitimate? Is there a way to view the items it’s blocking so I can “approve” them? If not, is there a way to turn Aksimet off?



    If not, is there a way to turn Aksimet off?
    As we do not have individual plugins on our blogs you cannot “shut off” Akismeton your blog. And, I do hear your frustration but I’m sorry to say that this appears to be one of those long standing problems that staff are working on.



    I have also just clicked your username and found that it’s linked to a blog that does not appear to be a blog that’s free hosted by
    This forum is only for bloggers with blogs free hosted by

    So, if you are a self hosting blogger then you are posting to the wrong forum. We run on different software and cannot help you here . The correct forum for those who have downloaded free software from is here ->



    Sorry, my user name was linking to the blog that will be replaced by WordPress. I have just updated it.

    The WordPress blog I posted the question for is


    Here are a few things about Akismet that may clear up some of your questions:

    1) Akismet cannot be deactivated nor is there any user configuration on blogs.

    2) Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 15 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically. This is by design and cannot be changed. It is a good habit to check your spam comments every day or two so that you can identify legitimate comments and “despam” them prior to them being deleted by Akismet after the 15 days. Also, there is a delay between the number reported as caught going up and the spam appearing in your dashboard for you to display. The length of delay is typically only an hour or two, but if server loads are heavy, it may be up to a day.

    3) If multiple identical spam comments are sent to your blog, the duplicates will not show up in my spam list for you to review. Only one of the duplicates will be displayed.

    4) After you have verified that the above spam is indeed spam by deleting it and Akismet has learned, if you again get hit by the same source, your “spams caught” number will increase, but they will not be listed for you to review (since you have already identified them as spam).

    5) Any comment sent to you blog, that is already known by Akismet to be spam, will be blocked, your “spams caught” number will increase, but again, they will not be listed for you to review (since they have been previously identified as spam by yourself or others).

    6) If a legitimate comment is caught in your spam filter and you “despam” it, it may take up to a few days for your despaming to work its way through Akismet and if you get a comment from the same source in the meantime, it may still end up in the spam folder. If this happens, despam it again. Akismet will is a short period stop catching them.




    Thanks. You outlined it just as I understood it. However, my blog has been up for just 10 days, and Aksimet has blocked six items that I have never been shown. It can’t be items I’ve already “verified” because I’ve never had the chance to verify any. You imply in #5 that others may mark items as spam and get them blocked from my blog?

    Today it blocked a seventh item, and I am seeing it, but still no sign of the first six.



    I am having a problem, that Akismet tells me it has caught a comment as “spam”, but I can’t see it, so there is no way for me to know if it is spam or not! How can I see the comment to decide if it is spam?



    There can be a delay between the time Akismet catches spam and actually displays it in Dashboard > Comments > Spam; it won’t be deleted for 15 days so I wouldn’t worry too much if it doesn’t show up for a couple of hours.

    If you’re still not seeing it then, it might be a bug that some people around WordPress have reported. If it’s that you’ll need to contact staff through the support link as they’re the only ones who will be able to help you.



    Thanks. It hasn’t displayed it for a couple of days, so it looks like a bug ;-)


    I’m having the right same problem. I have 2 comments in my Askimet spam list, but I can’t see them!



    Does anyone happen to know (I can’t find it anywhere) whether Akismet counts the 15 days to deletion from the time it “spams” a comment, or from the time the comment shows up visibly in the spam file? Because that is important.


    I get no idea, but I think it counts from the time it “spams”.

    And now, does anyone know if I can solve this problem by turning on the comments moderation? Or Akismet is the first to see the comments?


    Sorry, the comment moderation setting will have no effect.

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