Can I turn off the automatic email sent to blog followers when I do a new post?

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    I have trawled through the support pages and can’t seem to find out how I can stop the automatic email that is sent to blog followers when I publish a new post.
    I’m hoping to do this for two reasons. For one, I don’t really like the format of the automatic email that is sent out. Also, because of the layout of my blog I am increasingly producing new pages, rather than posts, for certain topics. These don’t get sent out to followers, but I would like to promote them more.
    Can I simply turn off the automatic posts and simply manage them myself? I’d like to turn off blog following and instead have people sign up via email, which I can then manage and send my own specific email notifications to when I have a new post / page that I want to promote, or not email if it is one I don’t want emailed out.
    I could just email my existing followers links to new pages, but I think it looks quite unprofessional to have emails arrive from two separate addresses (in two different formats), one automated and one manual.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t change existing subscribers to non-subscribers but you CAN remove the Subscription widget and replace it with a Contact form or other link to a custom. subscription signup.



    Thanks for that. Does this change at all if I make the move to a self-managed blog? It seems very bizarre that I can have no control over who / how people receive notification of my posts.


    If you go self-hosted, then your subscribers here will not be subscribed to your new site, so at that point you could set up your own method for managing them and what gets sent to who.

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