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Can I turn off the infinite scroll update (Twenty Eleven theme)?

  1. Is there any way to turn off the infinite scroll feature that was just introduced? I really wish that WordPress had not simply imposed this design change without announcing or discussing it. At the very least it should have been added as a feature without automatically being turned on. I do not care for the design, particularly as it was introduced without my consent.

    The floating tag at the bottom of the screen that says what them the site is using is also COMPLETELY invasive, detracts from the overall design, and above all makes it look cheap. How do I get rid of this ridiculous update?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, I saw that, but it doesn't answer my question. Why can't I turn this off? I had a lot of widgets in use at the bottom of my theme, which are now buried under the infinite scroll. The obnoxious Twenty Eleven theme badge is now intruding on my site.

  3. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Your username is linked to a deleted blog. Please link it to the blog in question. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

  4. I have this same problem. I need to turn this off, it screws up everything on my blog. Please, please let us turn it off. I only want to display the two most recent posts on my page, this infinite scroll thing means I'll probably have to start building the page again on a different theme (my blog is for an art gallery, every post is full of images and it looks horrible and takes a lot of time to load now due to infinite scroll).

  5. I hate this. I'd also like an option to turn it off.

  6. I would also like a disable option. Until one is introduced I'm changing themes.

  7. Done. Thank you for noticing that.

  8. Oh, also: I'm using Twenty Ten, not Twenty Eleven, but I would like to be able to turn infinity scroll off just the same, please.

  9. YES. I would really like to turn this off too - please, WordPress, give us an option with this?

  10. Me, too, please give us an option to disable it.

  11. Sigh! They FREAKING never learn.

    Sorry people, you HAVE no more footer widget areas on Twenty Eleven with this "feature" - at least not on the main page. No need for them because people would have to scroll till they got back to the very first post to be able to see them and who would scroll past 50, or even 25 for that matter to get to what was in the footer widgets, much less several hundred or a thousand.

  12. There has to be an option to turn this 'feature' off. You can't make such a fundamental change to a template and not allow users to decide whether to use it.

  13. I understand that the infinite scrolling effectively negates the existence of footer widgets. I simply don't agree with it. Many bloggers rely on widgets to customize their site and how they intend readers to use it. Doing away with it completely without notice was ridiculous and unnecessary.

  14. I'm sorry to say but this is the equivalent of printing books on toilet paper rolls. It isn't convenient at all. I much preferred having the option to choose how many posts I display on the main page/single page. If it infinite scroll works for somebody than let them have this option but I really wish I could turn it off.

  15. I much preferred having the option to choose how many posts I display on the main page/single page.

    I also preferred that option. Also as Twenty Eleven is a responsive width theme that adjusts in accord with the deive it is diaplayed on the widgets display below the posts for those using mobiles. Well now there are an infinite number of posts displaying the footer widgets are no longer visible until the viewer sees an indinte display of my over 686 posts.

    In order to alleviate my distress, keep my bloood pressure in normal range, and to best serve my readers, I switched themes. Perhaps others will make the same choice.

  16. It was an unethical change; I had set up a blog for an elderly friend who just got used to using it and enjoying seeing her one post a day on front; I deliberately chose TwentyTen because I enjoy having all the widget space below for her local news and Vodpod videos. What were they thinking making changes to templates that have been long in use? Make it a feature in new themes or at least give us a way to IMMEDIATELY disable this.!!!

  17. edit: "deive it is diaplayed " was meant to be "device it is displayed on"
    (I have drops in my eyes today and I'm not seeing well - sorry).

  18. As you have said and already acted, @timethief, this may provide further impetus to switch themes, especially to a theme which allows for larger JPG display widths compared to Twenty Eleven's defaults. However, I'd miss the flexible "responsive width" to Twenty Eleven.

    I agree that an opt-out feature (click/toggle button, drop-down menu option, etc.) is essential, like any other features in a given theme.

  19. Hi Henry,
    I also wanted a responsive width theme but I'm focused on ageing gracefully. I avoid all responses that might provoke a heart attack and/or a stroke. Fiddling and tinkering actually results in some improvements from time to time and I have to remind myself of that daily. ;)
    P.S. I was also born in V and I'm a gulf islander. Ommmmmmmmm

  20. Dear @timetheif, I am a twenty-ten user and this infinite scroll has made a terrible mess of things. I agree with the person who said above that it is like reading a book printed on toilet paper (I register my protest). Is there, at present, a known remedy to this malady?

  21. Is there, at present, a known remedy to this malady?

    Umm ... no. I chose to switch themes.

  22. @timethief, thank you. That is a huge pain in the backside. Could you recommend a theme that is similar - see, I do like this one.

  23. I'm not inclined to recommend themes to others. I went back to using the white/white version of Inuit Types as I have always liked that theme.

  24. For my blog ( with the Twenty Eleven theme, I activated the Showcase Template which has forced the "termination" of my front page and has put back my footer widgets after a reasonable page's length. That is, as I've set Settings -> Reading -> Maximum 5 posts per page, that's what appears on my front page.

    It's not what I intended, as only the title of posts 2, 3, 4, and 5 are shown in the Showcase template. However, this 'hack' provides enough for the time being.

    p.s. @timethief: it's been nice being here in Vancouver for a few weeks ... :)

  25. someone please tell me how to disable this infinite scrolling... i hate it

  26. I am using Twenty ten too. I hate this infinite scrolling... it has made my blog exactly what I don't want it to be! Is that some type of forced feature?!! I have drawings in every post and they are all set in order to fit this template and I'll have to do that again if I change the template.
    After this change, there is also another new issue too; each time I go to the home page, I am counted as a reader in stats. Is that something related to this WP's creative action of infinite scrolling too?

  27. If the past is any guide, there never will be a way to disable it. Other "features" have come along and people have asked for a way to disable them and we never got it.

    There is always hope though.

  28. Can I remove it?

  29. Nope. Not unless AutoMATTic take pity on us and give us a way to disable it.

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