Can I turn off the 'new' gallery carousel?

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    I really *really* dislike the new carousel gallery feature and am wondering if there is a way I can disable it? On my blog all of the images used to link to the attachment page. As an artist this allows me to offer more information about an image – it’s size, media, inspiration etc, as well as adding comments or sharing features. Now when a thumbnail in a gallery is clicked upon the full size image appears as a floating carousel.

    Is there any way to turn off this feature? I find it’s very clunky for the type of information I need to convey.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but there is no way at this point in time to disable the carousel.




    Indeed. The only way to disable the carrousel is to not use it. (In other words, to avoid the [gallery] shortcode).


    You might not be able to turn off the feature, but with a small amount of work you can bypass the carousel view (at least for the time-being)

    When you are in carousel view, you can go to the traditional gallery view by clicking on the word “permalink”. So, copy the link associated with this button.

    Then edit your post and insert the text “click HERE for gallery view” (or similar) and make the word HERE a link.

    Job done



    Staff mentioned back in November that this is the first iteration of the Carousel feature, so we’ll be seeing more changes.

    Visitors are more likely to click on a thumbnail image when images are displayed in a Gallery shortcode, thereby triggering the Carousel display, than click on a text link directing them elsewhere.

    Another option is to note just above the Gallery that in order to proceed directly to the Gallery attachment pages, your visitors can right click/open a thumbnail in a new tab or window.



    Although the carousel function on my blog appears to function as advertised for most readers, many reports unusual/ erratic behavior which makes it useless — typically one of two things happen:

    1) it shows not the photo but a stretched out enlargement of the thumbnail;

    2) the permalink links to the tumbnail or else back to itself

    The problem isn’t country or system or browser or antivirus specific. As many as 25% of my readers may be experiencing problems.



    @humidfruit, if you haven’t done so yet, that is something that you should report to Support directly, with as much information as possible including the OS, browser and versions involved. They should be back shortly.


    Why is it so hard to simply give the option to turn it off. I used the gallery to display my webcomic, but the stinking carousel makes the images too small to read. As many people have said it is unreasonable to think readers will know to click the permalink option to read it at a larger size.


    I had a similar issue with this carousel as the above users. From the above comments plus my own here is what I see as new features:
    1. option to turn off
    2. make the carousel more professional looking; at least when viewing an enlarged picture in the carousel mode get rid of the “trailing” images at each side of the one that you are viewing. Also, the “black” background is totally eerie looking.
    Just my feedback.
    Hopefully we will see an update soon.


    I have put my views forward to support, and there are several threads like this, and lots of other people with the problem. Hopefully they will listen.



    Any presumption that Staff read all these threads and take notes would be an erroneus one.There are over 25 million of us IMO a few threads here is not likely to have much impact. If you wish to get Staff attention then I suggest that you may want to contact them directly.


    Good idea. Thanks.



    You’re welcome.

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