Can I update a theme without losing my CSS?

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    I have purchased the Custom Design feature that allows me to customize my CSS. However, I am also using the Duster theme and am continuously being prompted to upgrade to Twenty Eleven.

    If I do this, I am scared of how my blog will look. Will my blog be drastically affected? That is, will my CSS coding make the new theme look funny? And, is there any benefit of upgrading anyway?

    The blog I need help with is


    It probably won’t be affected drastically (or at all), because the CSS of the two themes is quite similar. But it depends on what exactly you’ve added.

    Not much benefit though: the only significant differences are that in 2011 you can display multiple featured posts in the showcase template (which you’re not using), you can select a dark instead of a light color scheme (which I supposed you’re not interested in), you can select sidebar right or sidebar left, and you can display the sidebar on static pages.
    Check this post of mine too:


    Thanks for your help, you’ve been very helpful!!


    You’re welcome! (What did you decide?)


    I think I’m going to stay with my current theme….I am more than satisfied with it. And, since I’m not super CSS-proficient, I would rather not change anything that would force me to adjust coding when things get moved around.

    I’ll be referring to your blog post though, because there are a number of helpful tips with my current theme too!


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