Can I upload a photo gallery from Lightroom to Elemin on

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    I am considering purchasing Elemin and could probably use the .com hosting for my current needs. However I can’t get sufficient information from the Elemin details/preview to see what the photo gallery options would be.

    I know I can create a great gallery in Lightroom which can be uploaded. If I host Elemin through can I do this i.e. can I create directories that I can send FTP to – or even better does it do it for me? Or, would I have to self host using .org for this?

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no FTP access top free hosted blogs and we cannot upload any individual plugins into our blogs. They are only for installs. The themes we have here have been adapted to run on multiuser software.

    Your theme is a premium theme and we Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no knowledge of how they are designed to operate. When you purchased your premium theme what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer in the Premium Theme Support Forum. There is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but do note that the premium theme must be active and you must be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it.



    That last paragraph above is not useful to you at this point in time as you have not purchased a premium theme. Theme Staff do monitor this forum and will respond to you when they can and provide more detail.


    Thank you timethief. I’m trying to be sure I understand all pros/cons before I purchase so I’m fully aware of what I’m buying.



    That’s a good idea and I would do the same myself. Please be patient as Theme Staff will respond and tell you what you cannot locate on the Themes Showcase for Elemin or on the Elemin live demo site.




    This topic has been answered in here:

    I don’t have extensive knowledge about Lightroom but if it requires FTP access to do that, I’m afraid it’s not possible in


    OK iamtakashi – thank you.

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