Can I upload .mov file without WordPress re-encoding it?

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    I’m making for my blog some nice video tutorials (mostly screen shot movies) to help people set things up on their computer, blog, etc. I’m exporting the movie from Final Cut Express as a QuickTime .mov file. (Well, it exports as .m4v, but I just rename it.)

    The text and screen features are clearly legible at full DV size (720×480). I can upload this to my .mac account and play back the .mov movie without any trouble. I find that if I upload the .mov file to WordPress, it gets re-encoded down to what appears to be 400 pixels wide, and it’s quite hard to discern the screen features… kind of

    Is it possible to upload the .mov file to WordPress WITHOUT it re-encoding? I want to preserve the easy-to-read nature of the video.





    You can upload mov’s if you have the space upgrade.



    Hmmm… yes, I have the space upgrade. My question was different. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.

    When I upload a .mov file, it is RE-ENCODED and SHRUNK down to 400 pixels wide. This may be fine for ordinary home movies, but I have video tutorials of screen shots that look like garbage after they’re re-encoded.

    Can I just upload the .mov files and not have monkey with them?



    When you upload a .mov file, the original file is saved and is still there in your account. In other words, you can download it again in the future if you want to.

    However, to make the video playable on the Web, we have to encode/transcode it into Flash format (FLV), so that it can be played by flash player on the Web. and it is lossy encoding so the resulting file is smaller and the quality is reduced.

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