Can I use a different header on one of the static pages of m y blog?

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    Hi, I am using the Bueno theme, and I’d like to create a new static page with a different header than my blog page and other existingl static pages. Is that possible? I have the image I’d like to use, but I can’t find any info on whether this is possible.
    Thx, Jilanne

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s possible in some themes but not in Bueno.


    Thanks! Can you tell me which themes allow for different headers. If I switch themes, will it compromise anything that I’ve done under my current theme?

    I had paid for customization for this past year, but didn’t have time to figure out how to use it. If I select another theme that supports different headers (that’s similar to Bueno, I hope), will I need to use paid customization to do it?

    Thanks! Jilanne



    To see which themes allow this, visit the theme showcase site:
    Click “Find a Theme”, click “Features”, click “Featured Header”.
    In these themes, when you set a featured image to a page, it will replace the regular header image – provided of course that it’s in the right pixel dimensions (or larger). No upgrade needed.

    Compromise? Not really. You will need to upload a new version of the regular header image, because each theme has different header image dimensions. Also, the widgets may get deactivated: in that case you go to Appearance > Widgets and drag them back from Inactive to the sidebar.


    Thanks for the info! I checked out the headers that can vary by page, but I’m confused. In the “preview,” there are only options for using headers provided by WP. There’s no option shown to upload images for multiple headers. If I select the headers they show, like the architectural images for Splendio, then when I “go active” those images will show, not the custom images I want to upload. After I go active with a new theme, will I then get the option to upload new images instead of the stock ones provided? Or should I select “no image” before I activate and then assume I’ll be able to upload new images afterward? Thanks!



    First you activate the new theme. (Yes, at first it will display the stock header image of the theme.)
    Then you go to Appearance > Header and check the required dimensions. You create an image in these dimensions (or larger, if you don’t mind that it’ll have to be cropped), then you go back to Appearance > Header and upload this image.
    For an alternative header image on a static page, you don’t go to Appearance > Header, you edit that page and set a featured image to it:


    Thanks! You’ve been very helpful!

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