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Can I Use a WordPress Theme on Blogger?

  1. Just wondering if this is acceptable? Thanks.

  2. You'd have to ask the theme designer. I'm not even sure it's possible.

  3. raincoaster, thanks for the reply. I'm interested in using the default Kubrick theme by Michael Heilemann, but I can't seem to find a contact for him anywhere.

    Would anyone know how I could contact Mr. Heilemann?


  4. the contact link is at the bottom of the theme in the footer

  5. That link just takes me to the WordPress home page.

  6. I also tried Mr. Heilemann's web site ( and couldn't find a contact there, either.

  7. If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for one of the wordpress theme which may also work at blogger? I think you'd find various wordpress themes for blogger if you do a common search at or google.

  8. Heilemann's site has this note on Kubrick:

    "Kubrick is a template for WordPress, which has been adopted by the WordPress crew. All support for Kubrick is handled by WordPress. I do not answer Kubrick support mails."

  9. panaghiotisadam, thanks for the reply. I'll try contactinf WordPress then.

  10. Sent them an e-mail.

  11. @dcloud: You're welcome. But frankly I don't see why you'd be so interested in that old theme, especially since there are innumerable templates available for the New Blogger - with lots more variety than the free WordPress themes; for instance:

  12. @dcloud
    <blocquote>That link just takes me to the WordPress home page.

    There's two links on the footer one to wordpress and the
    other is to the Dev's blog

  13. @teck07: not on Kubrick - probably because of the note I posted above.

  14. Kubrick, you should know, is renowned as a pain in the ass to work with. You might prefer a different Big Blue Header theme to work with.

  15. Wow. panaghiotisadam, thanks for that link. Those are some pretty impressive Blogger templates. Mashable ... figures [grin].

    I can scrap the Kubrick idea then and choose something else. Although I did manage to get the Kubrick Theme to work in Blogger - just for testing purposes. I've deleted it now.

    Thanks everyone for your help :)

  16. You may, then, want to do a post about that and save the code. It's possible other people are interested as well.

  17. raincoaster, the reason I liked the Kubrick theme is because I've always been a sucker for simple blue and grey layouts. Text and images always look great on layouts like that.

  18. Ok, gang, I chose the iTheme template from that site panaghiotisadam linked me to. Man, I had to put a bib on so I didn't get any drool on my keyboard, lol.

    Time to play ....

  19. I never received a reply from WordPress so I guess I can nix the Kubrick idea. iTheme was a nice template, but there's only one problem with these free templates - you never get any instructions aside from how to install it.

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