can I use adapt my current html website onto WordPress?

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    Let me see if I can put this correctly. I have had my own domain for several years and recently converted it into a blog. is my host(I have about 9 months left in a one year prepaid contract). They offer WordPress(for a slightly higher fee). They told me I had to use WordPress templates, but I want to keep the basic html design(for a unique look). I just signed up here for a WordPress account to check things out and I notice a CSS sheet. Does this mean I can use that and design my site to my own liking using WordPress?



    You are in the wrong forum. We don’t do our own hosting here. You need to be over at



    I don’t want you host my site. I want to stay with – I’m currently locked into a 1 year contact. I want my site to be “powered by WordPress” as I see at the bottom of, and other sites. What is the best way to do this?



    You are self-hosted. Blogs here are hosted by WordPress. “Powered by WordPress” means that blog is using the free software from on a server they are paying for.

    So you need to follow Vivian’s link.

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