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Can I use an existing blog/page as a template for a new one?

  1. HI. I am new to WP but learning a lot! I am working on a simple page, which I have partially finished, and it is in Spanish. I would like to create a new blog/page (with a new url of course) using the same attributes, basically like a copy of my actual page, but in English. I am wondering if there is a way to simply "copy" my actual page into the new url and then just edit/translate the content leaving the header/widgets/format untouched. Maybe I am complicating myself due to lack of experience...
    I am affraid to use the "MOVE" option I found on the FAQ thinking it will take/uproot what I have from one place to the next, with the end result of one page and not two.
    Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you give us a link to the page you're talking about? And also, are you talking about content formatting, or actual design?

  3. The link is this:

    I am tweaking this page to hopefully launch it later this month to the local public. I already know I will need one in English to promote outside of PR.

    I am not sure how to answer your question: content formating vs. design.
    I would like to have the same theme, with same header image, text styles, background color, widgets, pages within the blog, etc... But of course, all of those have been modified from the default settings of the theme. I wonder if I can avoid going through the same work again. Thank you for your interest and help.

  4. If you buy the custom design upgrade for the next site, and use the same theme, you can just copy-paste your customized CSS into the appropriate place on the new site.

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