Can I use Categories widget twice?

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    I want my blog to be a repository of World War II stories that daughters tell about their fathers who served. I would also like to blog my own thoughts and opinions.

    So the question is how to show both activities separately on the sidebar. I am using the Watson theme.

    I would like a button on the sidebar to say MY BLOG. That would be for my thoughts and opinions on topics. And I’d like to show them in categories.

    I would like a second button on the sidebar to say OUR STORIES. That would be for the stories that daughters want to contribute about their fathers’ experiences in World War II. I’d like to show those stories in categories also.

    Any ideas how I might accomplish that?

    Thanks for your help.

    Jane Bartow

    The blog I need help with is



    The Categories widget displays all the categories that have been assigned to published posts: it has no options for excluding or including specific categories. So you can’t use it twice. What you can do is create two custom menus in Appearance > Menus, and add two Custom Menu widgets to display the menus in the sidebar. For details on custom menus see this post of mine:

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