Can I use different backgrounds for category archive pages?

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    Can I use different backgrounds for category archive pages? Also can I hide the words Catergory Archives and insert a custom image there?

    Thanks a bunch.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    It’s possible! I’d have to take a closer look to tell you for sure. Could you link me to a page where you see “Category Archives” and I’ll see what the options are?




    Hi there,

    Not so fast with the compliments! So, I took a closer look, and since the pages seem to all be the same “type” of page, it doesn’t look like you can make the background different on different pages.

    A possible work-around would be to make the pages that you’d like to have a different background in a different page type (if you go to your different pages, you’ll see Page Attributes on the right side of the Editor window, and you can select Full Width, for example.) So you may be able to make all the pages that are “Full Width” have the same background, and you only use those for certain pages. Does that make sense?

    Quick question for you: why isn’t Tank an option for best ‘stache in the poll? Is it because he’d blow everyone else out of the water?


    Hahaha you’ve found my connection ;) Tank actually won best attempted mustache :) I was just throwing stuff around for this test version.

    How about for each category page can I upload my own banner or graphic to replace the words “Category Archive : Pic of the day”

    I would like to use my own custom headings. And sorry to be a pain, but under the category archive is is possible to show full picture or video link instead of the half article as shown?

    Thanks again!


    Bascially what Im attempting to do is to be able to “post” on more than one page on my site, as I am going to have like 5-6 seperate parts of the site i’d like people to be able to click on and see all in that same area, and the front page being a news one. but id like the pic of the day/vid of the day to be more gallery like.. without having to post once on the front, and once on the individual pages if that makes sense?



    Ok, I’m glad he at least got an honorable mention!

    So it might be possible to do part of what you want. I don’t think you can have a separate header image unless your theme supports that feature (and even then, it’s random).

    You CAN add category tags to your custom menu, described here:

    Doing this means you’d click on your menu item for “Pic of the day” and get taken to every post that’s categorized that way. You’ve basically done the same thing by customizing the URL, but you may want to try it this way.

    You can show the full post instead of a summary by making edits to this page:

    Be warned: this applies to the full site.

    So to not show your timeline on the homepage, you’ll want to make your homepage static (done!) and then set your posts page as something else. Your sticky posts will be on the homepage, and your new posts will go into another page that you’ll have to designate.

    So I know I’m not solving all the things you want done here, but does this help?


    this totally helps :)



    Hey, I have great holiday news! I’d like to say it comes direct from my own brain, but a colleague clued me in. :) Here’s what she says:

    You CAN change the background of category pages!

    Category pages get assigned a unique body class, which can then be
    targeted via CSS.

    For example, this page:

    …. includes the unique class


    … part of the body tag here:

    <body class=”archive category category-pic-of-the-day category-22003
    logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support custom-background no-js
    typekit-enabled debug-bar-maximized highlander-enabled
    highlander-light custom-colors”>

    so it can be targeted in CSS with:

    .category-pic-of-the-day {
    // unique background stuff here

    I hope that helps :)


    Hi Zandy I only just saw this! Thank you so much for following up!


    So when posting (forgive me un-intelligence) if i wanted to use a background I have uploaded, how would i go about adding that to the code you have provided?



    Tee hee – sorry for being so vague!

    You’d want to target

    .category-pic-of-the-day {

    And obviously, use the title of your image and correct extension. Everything else you leave in there, including “url” and the single quote marks.

    Does that help?


    Had to put this project on the back burner for a bit. But now I am back on it! Zandy you are a GENIOUS and have definitely engineered my happiness!



    Glad to hear this worked out – thanks for letting us know!


    Hello again Zandy!

    Question, this works perfectly, however the background then also changes the background for the content. Am I able to change the background for the margains and background for posts seperately?

    I am thinking most likely a white-box around each post.



    P.S Tanks 5th birthday is coming up, I’ll post his invite video when it comes out!



    Hi there, you should be able to keep the white box on the post itself, but change just the surrounding background, using this code:

    .category-pic-of-the-day {
    background-color: #000000 !important;
    background-image: url('URL_OF_YOUR_IMAGE.jpg') !important;

    Change bb00bb to the background colour you want – it may appear for one or two seconds before the background image loads – and change URL_OF_YOUR_IMAGE.jpg to the actual path to your image file, as Zandy explained earlier.

    If this isn’t working as you like, would you mind uploading a screenshot of the problematic page, or give me a link so I can take a look directly?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you’re not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library and then post a link so I can see it.


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