Can I use Google Analytics?

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    Is it possible to use Google Analytics with a hosted WordPress blog? If I can’t now are there any plans to make that available in the future? I would just love to be able to use Analytics with my blog. Thanks.
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    Unfortunately, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs, but we do have our own stats system via the Site Stats section of your blog’s Dashboard.

    Were there any particular features that you needed?



    Yes, all of the demographic information that Google Analytics provides.

    Where are the visitors located?
    What languages do they prefer to view the site in?
    How many users are new vs returning?
    How long do they stay on the site?
    How many pages do they view on average?
    What browsers and operating systems are they using?

    Compared to Google Analytics WordPress site statistics are a glorified hit counter. While that is useful information it falls far short of what Google Analytics offers.


    Thanks for the feedback! We’ll keep it all in mind as we keep making the built-in stats better.



    Thank you. I’m looking forward to your improvements.

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