Can I use my OWN blog address again after deleting?

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    I just deleted my blog, but I want to use the URL again.
    I’ve read that it’s impossible for others to use the address, but is it also impossible for the original user?
    Blog url:



    Yes, it is impossible for the original user, and it says so right in the warnings you get when you try to delete it.


    Thanks for the quick answer, but do you also know how?
    Because when I enter the address to make a new blog, WordPress says the address already exists.



    The address already exists and the blog there was deleted by you. You can’t use it again.



    There is a new option now when you delete a blog to ‘free up the blog name so someone else can use it’. I wonder if it allows the original owner to re-use it though, or just ‘someone else’. Obviously you’d have to select that option before deleting though.

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