Can I Use "Retired" Themes?

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    I have looked at and fallen in love with a couple of really great-looking themes and have even installed and used a couple of them for short periods of time.

    Then I discovered that some of them have been designated as “Retired.”

    I do not know what “Retired” means.

    One of the themes I like is called “Kubrick” and it is marked as “Retired” but it is also marked as the theme “emertius” for WordPress.Com.

    My question is, “Can I use some of these “Retired” themes? They seem to still load up and open up when I install them so there doesn’t seem to be any mechanical problems with them.

    I am just confused about what “Retired” means and wondering if I can go ahead and use “Sapphire” or “Kubrick” or “Contempt” all three of which are hum dingers as far as I am concerned.

    Any help I can get with this will be sincerely appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



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