Can I Use Tab Keys To Space Columns?

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    I wanted to post a blog entry that has three columns in my original document I created using Microsoft Works and using the tab key. I cannot figure out how to properly space the columns in WordPress. Is there a way to use the tab key to do so? I tried spacing the columns using the space bar, but cannot get the columns to line up straight. Is there a way to do so?

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    Will you please post an active link to the post or page you are working on so we can provide specific help?

    To make line breaks in the Visual editor, you click return (enter) for a paragraph break and shift-return for a line break. In the HTML editor, you click return (enter) twice for a paragraph break and once for a line break. Here is a summary of some tips that may be helpful. WordPress Formatting and Spacing


    The best way to do this is with an HTML table. The tab key doesn’t work on the web, and using spaces typically doesn’t either since the wordpress software strips out multiple spaces. And, given that browsers all render slightly differently, what looks acceptable in one browser will not in another.

    See #7 here in this post by Panos: .

    There are also many online HTML table generators you can use, but they all require a little cleanup since most of them have not yet adjusted for HTML5 and include some depreciated and obsolete code that will have to be edited and replaced.

    You can also create the table in Excel or another spreadsheet program and then export that table as HTML. You then open that HTML document in a plain text editor and copy out all the code for the table itself and then paste that into the HTML tab on your post or page.

    <table>All the code for the table</table>

    Again there could be a little clean up required.

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