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Can I use the domain I purchased in WordPress to host my Blogger Blog?

  1. I bought a domain upgrade within WordPress, and is using the WordPress blog I originally had (, but I want to try out something with Blogger. I already have transfered a couple of pages and posts just to see how it would look like.

    But before I transfer everything, I would just like to know how I can use my current domain name ( to use my Blogger account,, instead of using the WordPress account.

    Based on this help topic,, it says to update the Nameservers NS1 and NS2, but according to the forum in Blogger, people do not need to do this.

    And according to this help topic, if i cancel my domain, there is no assurance that i can still register it some place else.

    I do not want to cancel it because we already have lots of materials pointing to that address. I just want to try this to see which one is ideal for us. Since i bought a domain here, I certainly do not want to waste it.

    Blog url:

  2. According to Google, you only need to add A records to your Custom DNS settings. You can add Custom DNS records for A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records using the Custom DNS feature.

  3. So does that mean I have to delete the current stuff inside e Custom DNs here in wordpress (including the ones for the Google Apps)?

    Assuming I already got past the problem above, and after following the steps that Google said in adding the Custom DNS, will my domain point to my Blogger account already or do I need to do something back here in WordPress?

    Lastly, just to make sure, in Instructions of Google, do I map in the naked domain or in the subdomain? Totally don't understand this stuff. I just follow instructions that's why I was able to configure my wordpress account.

  4. We cannot vouch for Google's instructions, but it seems that simply adding (leaving everything else that's there) those A records should suffice to point your domain.

  5. Ok, I will try to do them and update you on what happens. Hopefully I won't mess it up.

  6. I added the cname field in the custom DNS (CNAME www and didn't erase anything that I inputted based on following the setup that WordPress provided.

    Here's what happened.

    If I type the URL in the address bar of my browser, it directs me to my wordpress site. But if I'm inside blogger and click on their "view blog" it shows my blogger site with the URL

    So the URL is already fixed (I think) since it was able to show me my Blogger site through the URL I wanted. The mix up is, I'm hoping only with the updating of the DNS servers. So I'll wait for a couple of days at most.

    Again, I did not remove or changed anything that I previously written in the WordPress custom DNS records.

    On a last note, I was not able to add the A records because after validating, it shows me that the error is for subdomains only. Here's what I tried to add:

  7. Correction on my previous post: returns my WordPress site while
    Http:// or returns my Blogger site.

    I think it's the A records that I was not able to add. The photo shows the error I got

  8. I'm sorry for the confusion, unfortunately, A records cannot be set here for security reasons.

    You'll need to transfer your domain to another provider which allows these modifications.

  9. After some trial and error, I was able to add the A records by using "www" instead of "; I was able to finally save the records.

    A www
    A www
    A www
    A www

    Will this resolve the issue of returning with my WordPress and returning my Blogger?

  10. Yes, that would do it. I'm surprised you were able to make that work, as it should be allowed by the system.

  11. Hmm..its still not reflecting the changes i want. Its been more than 48hrs i think. I rechecked and the DNS records where there, but and still shows Blogger and Wordpess sites respectively :(

  12. Oh, sorry, I thought that's what you wanted.

    The A records that you set will only direct to Blogger. There's no way to control just from here. To do that, you'll need to transfer your domain to another registrar.

  13. Ah, i understand. :) thanks for the help! Very much appreciated.

  14. You're welcome!

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