Can I use WordPress IP addresses for domain mapping?

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    I’m trying to map my domain ( to my blog (

    My registrar doesn’t allow the use of NS1.WORDPRESS.COM type entries, so I have entered the IP addresses provided is this document (

    Pinging generates responses from, which seems correct.

    However, on attempting to load in the browser I receive the following error message:

    Incorrect A Record
    The A Record for is set to a nameserver. Instead, you should remove all nameservers for your domain and specify the nameservers below to map your domain name to a blog. For instructions and some important warnings before making such a change, please see this document.

    There is information on how to set up domain mapping in our support documentation. If you need help after that, please contact our support team.

    I’m not sure what’s going wrong here. I have read through the documentation and not found a solution, so would definitely appreciate some extra guidance!


    The blog I need help with is



    I believe you are with TuCows Domains. If this is so, this is the link for you:

    If you scroll down the page you will see:

    How do I change my Name Servers (DNS)?

    It says you can enter,,

    USinf IP address is not a good idea because it changes from country to country..

    Good luck.



    My mapped domain is registered with TuCows (sp?) and the name servers were changed with no problem.

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