Can I use WordPress just to build my website? I have a domain and server already

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    I already have a domain and server. I would like to use WordPress just to build it, using the templates you have. Is it possible to do? If it is, how can I do that? Build, and then transfer it to my own domain?

    Will I have to pay for something? How much?

    Lucas Guterres


    You can get the software here free:

    Some webhosts have Installation scripts already in place.



    Sorry, I downloaded and didn’t understand anything. It was a folder packed of php files. Have no idea what is that.


    That’s why you should be on the other site I posted.

    Those questions cannot be answered here on this board.


    The forum for that site is here:


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    Please read this about the different types of WordPress:

    If you want free hosting on a stable platform and have not much experience with coding and so on, then you can use your domain name with a small fee to map it to your blog here:

    Once you get going with and comfortable with the lingo, then you can export your site to your host and use free software.

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