Can I use wordpress to create a php type site?

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    HI, I own a website which is completelty based on php . I am not a programmer nor a software specialist. I just want to know can I create a website like above using wordpress themes?? > this is because I am facing lot of minor problems in my site and have to constantly depend on my programmer for minor changes. So I want complete control with myself. Also I need my site to be seo friendly and google adsense optimised, hence the thought of transfering my site to wordpress with same domain name….

    Please help.


    You need to ask over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ which is where the self-hosted version of wordpress is supported. Here at the wordpress.COM free hosting service there are a lot of restrictions, and one is that we have no access to the underlying wordpress or theme PHP files. The only thing we have access to is the CSS via a paid CSS upgrade, and that only allows stylizing the current themes here, it doesn’t allow any changes to functionality.



    I too think what your looking for is

    WordPress is about the easiest “CMS” I have ever seen (I’ve looked at MANYof them). If you can write an email, you can create with WordPress.



    i am already trying a wordpress cms But i have no any knowledge for this so where this i am



    To DIRECTLY answer your question … Yes, you can make a site like the one you refer to — using a SELF HOSTED WordPress site. Visit for more information.

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