Can I Use WordPress.Com stats plugin on Blog?

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    I really like the built-in stats at my blog hosted at I’d like to use the same tool for my WP blogs that aren’t hosted here. Is that possible? Thanks!



    Staff has stated that they planned to license it some time in the future. We haven’t heard anyting since then.



    Hey, thanks, Dr. Mike! I don’t suppose you know of a current plugin that has the same functionality; I’ve looked around some and everything I see either does some of it, or isn’t supported anymore, or…



    I use WP-Shortstat myself on my own blogs and suggest it to my hosting clients. It’s different from what’s here at but it dsoes include RSS stats which most wordpress stat plugins don’t count.

    Hope this helps,


    I still like the graphic in the “free” Blog Stats found in under the Dashboard in

    I’d love to use this in my self-hosted wordpress theme at

    Is it available yet?


    Member and run on completely different software. Some widgets and programs designed for (a multiuser blogging platform) are not be available for use on “regular” blogs. As far as I know the stats program here at is not intended for use on blogs.

    However, if staff have given you reason to believe otherwise then please communicate directly with them via feedback or email. And, if not, then your best bet is to post to the the support forum


    last we heard, they were planning on releasing the stat package in april…

    s’pose they’re still on track?



    If it is why do you want to limit yourself to Blog Stats from WP. You can try google analytics itself. doesn;t have many kind of restrictions unlike which is full of security restrictions like Javasscript and so on. Google analytics is one example which will not be the case with



    I haven’t heard anything additional from andy on this since he originally announced the April target date.



    Ditto. And Google Analytics/ Urchin has a number of issues. Best set of stats to run is somehting that reads your webserver logs to see what is occuring. GA/U misses a lot.



    What are the issues with Google Analytics? A friend just installed it and was blown away by it. Of course, it’s google so there are privacy concerns, but other than that?


    i can’t think of any. the only real shortcoming is that it can’t track RSS stats (but that’s what feedburner is for)



    It’s javascript which some folks turn off or have blocked so the counts don’t show, their website is down on occasion so it never loads (ie counts and handing loads), the privacy issues, can’t track a trip through the website, etc.

    Heck, even AWStats is better as it pulls from the server logs

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