Can I use WP software as a site?

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    Hello everyone I like very much WP software and I would like to use as “normal” site and not as a blog.Is that possible? I will use the “techology” theme.Any input? Thanks



    Kind of sort of. If you’re going to stay here on, your best bet would be to ignore the Posts part of your blog and just use Pages. Also look at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading and create a static home page for your blog.

    If you’re hosted elsewhere, you best bet would be to ask over here as that’s a different code base and the answers would be different.

    Good luck,



    I’d appreciate it if someone can list a few ‘blogs’ or sites using wordpress that have been put together really well using a static ‘home’ page; and please, a variety of design approaches to the use of home page.

    I started here just wanting pages; and had this bloggy thing to do something with. I’ve gotten used to the blog idea, but it just might be better in the background; I dont know; I’d like to poke it and see what happens.



    Sorry, Forest. You don’t want to know what I charge an hour for research. :)

    Also what some feel are “well put together” may look like crap to other people.

    I will offer three suggestions though. Take a look at the Top Blog listings to see who gets the most traffic. You may also want to try that Next Blog button at the upper right corner of your browser window. Also I think some of our regulars do a “Blog Review” site that you might be interested in.

    Remember, it’s your blog. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it. :)

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