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Can I used myvirtualmerchant with the wordpress platform for online payments

  1. I am looking to upgrade to the Bundle with wordpress and use it as our website platform. But I have an account through Elavon, which uses virtualmerchant and provides us with our shopping cart to handle online payments. My question is can I integrate this feature into wordpress? I am new to this online payment stuff, so I am still trying to figure out how it all pieces together. I would like to use wordpress for our website but do not know if it can accommodate our online merchant feature,
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  2. No, WordPress.COM is not able to be optimized for ecommerce. WordPress.ORG blogs, hosted at paid web hosts, make excellent ecommerce platforms.

    Also, selling things you, yourself, do not manufacture is banned here.

  3. Sorry I am very new to WordPress. Can you expand on what you mean by This is a site for a non-profit community organization which also runs a daycare. I wanted to use this site to give our parents the ability to pay for their bills online which was something that they had express would be a nice feature to have. We have an individual who will be maintaining our website and is familiar with the wordpress platform. Therefore I was trying to see if by making the switch to wordpress we would be able to add this feature. We would of course be mapping our domain to wordpress and purchasing the bundle if that will help clarify our intention.

  4. You can use a Paypal donation button here, but that is IT. No other ecommerce works here as far as I'm aware. If you want true ecommerce you will have to get an independently-hosted blog with software.

  5. Raincoaster,
    Thanks for your input! That is exactly the answer I was looking for. Your help is much appreciated.

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