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Can I view all posts on one page?

  1. I need to create a blog where I can have a list of all topics(titles) on a page, and also a link that you can click that will give you one page with all posts on it. (This will not be a large blog.) Can this be done in WordPress?

  2. For a small blog this should be easy. Under Options-->Reading in your dashboard, there is a box to enter the number of posts to display in the front page. The default is 10, I think. You may need to write/post a separate page (dasboard: write-->write page) and list the posts by hand to have the just the titles appear on one page. So that would be like a table of contents, and the front page of your blog would display all the posts.

    Somewhere under options (I think) you can also specify that the page with the titles be the front page of your blog. So then the posts would all display on another page to which you could link from that front page. Is that sort of what you're looking for?

  3. I have the same issue as hp09. Your answer was helpful, growthmadness.
    I have created a static page as post page. This page displays all my posts in full lenght. However I would like it to display only the titles (or first few lines) as the page is now incredible long with full posts displayed. Can't find any options to display only title of post (or title and summary) I use the Garland theme. Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks, Chilli (blog:

  4. I think you have to do that manually, which would be a real pain.

  5. @nextpats
    FWIW the Fadtastic theme is coded so thefront page displays only the first post followed by the titles of the previous posts.

  6. I think I'm hunting for something similar. SOME where I read about adding MORE (as a tag? might be incorrect nomenclature; I think of it as a link) so that I can truncate many posts, and allow visitors to go elsewhere (another page? The Good Ship Lollipop? I dunno!) to read the entire post. Since I'm a wordy sort but also desperate for ALL my posts to get attention, I'd like to do this.

    I've searched and searched to find this info again, but I must be using the wrong terms. Wouldn't be the first time ;-)

  7. When writing a lengthy post there is an option to having the whole post appear on the front page of your blog. You can break the text and have the remaining text appear on another page. The option is called "the more tag" and you can see it in operation right now. <!--more-->

    Only one theme at I know of the Hemingway theme always displays only excerpts from two posts side-by-side on the front page. In other themes more tag must be added using either the visual rich text editor, the standard editor or hand coding it into each post you that you wish to break the text into smaller segments in.

    (1) If you are using the visual rich text editor then the icon number to use is #13 and you use it wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (2) If you are using the standard editor click the [more] button wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (3) If you are hand coding type in <!--more--> wherever you want the text break to occur.

    (4) If you do not like the text that the theme is hardcoded to provide when you use the more tag you can change it by hand coding in
    <!--more your text goes here more!-->

  8. Many thanks, timethief. Doesn't everything seen really SIMPLE once it's explained...

  9. Thank you all for your comments. it solved my issue. Thanks, Chilli

  10. YAY! Two happy campers. I love happy endings. :)

  11. Thanx i diddent now that :)

  12. A third happy camper - be still my beating heart {she said with a broad grin}. I'm happy that this helped you too. :)

  13. Then I'll be the 4th. Thanks, timethief.

  14. Can this also be achieved by using the 'Optional Excerpt' feature?

    Put the title of the entry in the box and save.
    The blog should then show only that as the entry. The reader would then need to click the title to read the post.

    This way, you will be able to to fit more entries on the page.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree?

  15. Yes the "optional excerpt" can be used that way too.

  16. That's what I meant by doing it manually. It takes plenty of time if you've got a lot of posts.

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