Can I write in history in the calender??

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    I wonder If I can go back in the calender to January and
    forward to november and fill it whith facts that I have
    from earlier??
    I want to have that funktion so bad.

    Im sorry that my english is not the best. I hope somone understand what I mean.

    / Anna



    On the right side of the edit post page, there is a “Post timestamp:” Try editing that so that it is in the past (I don’t know if that is allowed, and I don’t want to try it on my blog since it will mess up my feeds). You can type what happened on January 1st 2006 in a post, change the timestamp to Jan 1, 2006, and publish it. The calender should automatically update.

    Is that what you wanted to do?


    It´s perfekt!

    / Anna

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