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Can "Leave a reply" box be above the replies?

  1. I have searched the Support pages and Forum pages and still have a question. Is it possible to have the "Leave a reply" box (which normally shows up at the bottom of all the replies) up to the top of the replies instead? My goal is to have my post's text immediately followed by the "Leave a reply" box, then have all the replies listed at the bottom of the page. I don't want people who intend to comment upon my post to be forced to scroll past all the comments left by other people.

    Alternatively it would be fine with me if people reading my posts couldn't see the replies of others at all, as long as there is a way for me to see them that's all that's important to me in this particular case, so "hiding replies" is fine with me too, if that is possible.

  2. Sure. Change your theme. It's theme-dependent.

  3. Thanks for your answer, please bear with me, I am brand new to this. In order to change a Theme in this way do I have to upgrade to the level where I can edit the CSS? Because I have no idea how to do that...

    If you could point me to a Theme that is already set up this way, or perhaps to someone's blog where they've already done this I'd be very grateful.

  4. No, you can just go to your Dashboard and look under Appearance->Themes till you find one that works that way. I don't think anyone has done a list of them, but you can Preview them without activating them on your blog and make sure they work the way you want.

  5. Ah, ok, thanks, I misunderstood, you suggested I could pick a new theme and I thought you were saying I should alter one of the themes.

    I was hoping to not have to look through all 182 Themes to see if one might possibly work this way, especially because I know it is not the usual way it works.

    I was hoping someone could either tell me it can't possibly be done, or tell me that it can be done and then explain how.

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