Can linked indexes be made in WP for categories and sub-categories?

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    Hey! I want to set up a blog with multiple categories and sub-categories. I know this is possible. What I also want, however, is to have the categories and sub-categories have a main page that has a list of the blog titles and links on those titles to go directly to the specific blog entry. Does WordPress allow for this? From what I’ve seen, WordPress shows only the long list of blogs when the user clicks on the category.

    For example: if I’m setting up a product review blog, I would have my main page with all the new entries. Then, on the sidebar, I would have a list of my categories (and sub-categories). If my user clicks on a category, I would like a page that lists the sub-categories (ie: face products, bath products, etc) to open. Those sub-categories would be linked to the page with Sub-Categories (ie: face products) as the header and a list of blog entry heading links (ie: all the different products reviewed). If the user clicks on a specific link, they will be taken to that blog entry.

    Is this possible?



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