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Can migrate my data from a wp account to a self hosting

  1. Hi, I began with a wordpress account in and I'd like to move to a domaing in a self hosting. to

    How can I move all my date (posts,files and maybe settings) to my new domain?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. upps, not move my date... my DATA(posts,files and maybe settings)

  3. Thanks, that was fast!

  4. nice,another question. onces I moved my data to the new domain. How can send my trafic from the old blog to the new one. Can I do that?

  5. My suggestion is to put a final post up on your blog here stating you have moved and include a link to the new blog.

    There is a "trick" that can be used with the paid domain mapping upgrade to redirect to your new blog, but some have had problems with it. If you want to read about that trick, search the FAQ's for "redirect."

  6. thanks again. have a nice one!

  7. You're welcome, and you have a nice one also.

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