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Can multiple users view drafts?

  1. I need to save som how-to guides for the group of authors that post to my blog. These need to be private (i.e. not published) but accessible by authors (I'd rather not make them editors). Is there a way to do this? Right now I've got them saved as drafts. I tried password protecting one and then got one of my authors to try to access it through the dashboard. There was no where for her to enter the password to view the draft.

    What's the best way to do this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can we have a link to your blog, starting with http? We always need that to make sure you're in the right forum.

  3. Thanks.

    Depending on their level of access, yes, multiple people can view drafts. Authors, however, can't.

    Why not publish them, but make them password-protected?

  4. By that I mean it would have to be published, not just saved, and she would have to put her password in from the front of the blog, not the Dashboard.

  5. Right. I tried that but the object is to avoid making these public. When I tried a password protection, you could still see the title of the post and a prompt to use the password. I need to make this all invisible to the public. Is there a way to hide the post and only make it visible if someone has the url of the post and a password?

  6. kerrinoel,
    Why not start a private blog, with the same layout and all so authors could log in but the public wouldn't see it. Then cut and paste to your "real" blog.
    Authors wouldn't be able to edit the drafts, but they could read the published (private) blog and make comments.

  7. 1tess: Thanks! That might do the trick. I assume that as long as they have the password, they could read the private blog. Is that right?

  8. Oh yes. The authors will need accounts. (They don't have to make blogs—just accounts with usernames.) Then you make a list of their user names to access your blog:

  9. Thanks!

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