Can my book review blog link to affiliates other than Amazon?

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    Apparently this is the place to post for “you need to ask the staff specifically about this situation” type things. (All the links I can find go to the same form. If I’m in the wrong place, maybe someone could nudge an email address under my nose.) First, some quick history: three months ago I started a book review blog on Tumblr. I recently started up a WordPress branch of this blog, wanting more control, a more sophisticated platform, and access to more stats. (The Tumblr blog still exists, has most of the same content, and I am maintaining both of them for the moment — if any of that is relevant.)

    I’ve been in the habit of linking to sites selling the books I write about at the end of my reviews, to make things easier for my readers. Most of the links are to and, which I slightly prefer to Amazon. I’d like to sign up for the affiliate programs on the sites I link to; since I’m linking there anyway, it would be nice to have a chance at getting money back from the time I put into writing reviews. :)

    I have scoured the forums and support pages and come up with a conclusion along these lines: Amazon affiliate links are okay as long as the blog is primarily meaningful content, like book reviews. However, just about anything else is either banned outright or decided on a case-by-case basis. Yes?

    My affiliate links would go mostly to booksellers other than Amazon (or would be in addition to links to Amazon, if that were acceptable and I decided to do it), but they would still be just a nice little extra for the readers at the end of a book review post.

    How’s my case looking?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    From my non-staffer position it looks good, but note you cannot use javascript links, only regular text links. I’ve flagged this thread for staff attention.



    That might be a bit too much. It’s okay to infrequently use an Amazon affiliate link, but if your blog is just dedicated entirely to book reviews and accompanying affiliate links, that would be a violation of our terms of service.



    You may be better off sticking to Tumblr, since you’re already established there, and maybe adding a sitemeter or something to get better stats. Also, if you duplicate all your tumblr content here that’s not going to do your search engine ranking any favours, and in extreme cases could get you marked as spam.

    It does seem odd to me that if you post book reviews among other content it is OK to add Amazon links, but not if you hive all your book reviews off to a blog of their own. Fortunately you are unlikely to encounter this policy at any other sites.



    But Tumblr has ZERO SEO. You’d even be better off at Blogspot.


    Hmm… thanks. The intent of my blog is definitely not to make money off the affiliate links. I wouldn’t mind making a few bucks (hence, this thread), but it’s not a driving force. If the official interpretation of policy is that I’d be going too close to the line, though, I’ll abide by that.

    The month I’ve spent on here has actually shown me that most of the other improvements I was hoping to make to my blog are more in the realm of than That’s not a jump I feel ready to make yet, so I think I may take the advice to shut down my blog and stick to Tumblr for a while. I really haven’t earned a search engine ranking on any site, at the moment :), and the following I’ve built up so far is all on Tumblr. (Though unfortunately its servers seem to have overloaded… again… maybe I’ll check out Blogspot after all.)

    Thank you all for the responses.



    there is plugins that do exactly what you are looking for:



    alotan, we don’t allow plugins on for security reasons. Plugins are a feature only available for self-hosted blogs provided through You can find out more about this topic here:

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