Can my email comment notifications come from the commenter like they used to?

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    When I go to reply to email comment notifications, my replies are automatically addressed back to my blog, visible to all, I have to be very careful to change each and every address. Also it is very hard to clearly see who the comment is from anymore. All of this only changed last week.before that it worked perfectly. Please change my settings back to how it was before!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    This has to be a ‘first’. Last night I read a blog from
    When I returned to my email on (email redacted) ALL of the rest of my emails from everyone else shows as being from her blog name.’.Everyone has a story’..

    So I thought today after shutting down everything would resolve…BUT it has not…Still all of my notifications show as being from Everyone has a story..Please help..this is very confusing…Diane


    I just thought I would add that the ‘daily digest’ notifications are okay…they are in the proper name….Diane


    This problem is really confusing me …will anyone look at it soon?? Diane



    I have flagged this thread for a Staff response so we can determine if Staff changed this or not and if they did change it then why they did so.


    Thank you..I appreciate fixing this…Right now I don’t know whose notification of post I’m about to open…there are some I prefer to read first as I follow them closely…Very confusing…Diane


    It’s Monday and every “instant’ post email notifications ..are listed as coming from one bloggers’ blog …”everyone has a story”….The only exceptions are my daily and weekly digest notifications…they have the right name .This is really bothering and confusing me. Is there any word as to what has caused this? Diane


    It’s Tuesday now and it seems that no one that this question has gone out to knows the answer. Is there another place to find out what has happened..I have MS and my cognitive skills are dysfunctional at the best of times and this problem is only compounding my confusion…I don’t mean to repeat myself but all of my ‘instant’ notifications are showing as coming from ‘Everyone Has a Story’ …the name of the blog belonging to after I read and responded to a comment on her blog site on Friday the 17th of August 2012 The email address that they are going to is (email redacted) I would so appreciate any help Diane

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