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Can my permanently deleted blog be reinstated?

  1. Dear WordPress Support,

    On May 22, I published a blog of whose name and appearance were created in conjunction with an application developed by a large company. Out of concern for a potential copyright infringement, I permanently deleted the blog shortly after publishing it. In this case, I am wondering if the domain can be reinstated.


    Colin Osaka

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Was it a Post that was deleted or was it the whole blog / web site?

    If it was the blog / web site then it is gone forever

    If it was a Post - try looking in the Trash bins - there are a couple of them I think - also you might be able to fine it in a search engine cache if it was up long enough to be crawled and indexed - try the title of the Post in quotes

  3. "Permanent"

    Lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.
    A perm for the hair.
    adjective. constant - lasting - abiding - steady - standing - stable
    noun. perm - permanent wave

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