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Can no longer access our blog. Now what?

  1. The person who set up the blog for our volunteer museum has left, and changed their email address. We cannot log in to correct or update the blog.

    Is there some way to connect another account to the blog, or, failing that, have the entire blog deleted?

    The out of date blog comes up in searches and gives folk the wrong information. It\'s creating lots of problems for us.

    Thanks for any ideas!

  2. What is the URL for the blog?

    To be honest, you will almost certainly have to find that person and get them to give you Admin access. Staff here are not likely to delete a blog at the request of someone who is not the owner.

    You could start a new blog and within a few weeks or months outrank the old one easily.

  3. The site is

    The person no longer (2 years later) no longer even remembers what the email account they used was (darn disposable gmail accounts!).

    The strategy you propose is what we have been doing, but the new Web Site is having trouble competing with the old blog. And a lot of stuff-ups are happening.
    I understand that wordpress likes to stay really hands-off, but we can establish that we are the the Maldon Museum and there really needs to be a way to get rid of this unwanted, misleading blog.

    I'm sort of surprised this doesn't come up all the time.

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