Can no longer upload still clips from YouTube onto my blog

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    I’d be grateful if you could help me with the following problem I am having with WordPress-
    I use to be able to select an option from ‘Add Media’ tab to upload YouTube videos (for free) to show on my blog post, i.e once published a still from the YouTube clip could be seen and the viewer only had to press ‘Play’ on the image to view it.

    Now I can no longer see that option on my Dashboard ‘sink options’,instead all I see are options to download images onto my blog post from the ‘Add Media’ section. So now to show a YouTube clip, I have to copy and paste the link, but I dont want to do that as, as when the blog is published, one can only see the YouTube video if the link is clicked and clicking of that, takes the viewer away from my Blog page. But I want the blog post to appear like this-

    Is this option no longer possible on WordPress for free anymore?


    The blog I need help with is


    The media (image/document/video) is now combined. Click on the add media button, click on the “from URL” tab at the top of the add media window, select the “Audio, Video, or Other File” radio button and then you can insert the URL to the video you want to show on your site.


    Thank you, I will try this the next time I want to upload a video.


    You are welcome.



    Hi there. I have the same issue.

    Using the “add media” button will only show the link on my blog page. Clicking on the link goes to YouTube site. How do you get the video player to show up on my blog so people can view without leaving my blog page?

    the [youtube=………..] code no longer works for new posts.




    Which YouTube URL are you trying? Some of them are viewable only on Youtube itself.

    If the shortcode doesn’t work, that’s very bad news. Be sure you’re using it with the old-style URL from teh actual browser bar, now the new youtube code they give you under Sharing; that has never worked.



    Hi. I was trying a URL from my own YouTube channel. using the short format:…..

    No worries, though. I was able to get it to work by editing my post manually under the “HTML” tab, rather than Visual.

    But I also just confirmed that the full YouTube link that is in the actual browser bar works fine under Visual or HTML.

    Thanks again.



    That’s exactly the code that does not work. I dont’ know why YT even offers it.

    For this video; works but the YT-provided URL, does not.

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