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Can no longer view Stats graph

  1. kiefferceramics

    On some well-intentioned but ill advice, I've uninstalled the older Adobe Flash Player versions from my Mac OSX 10.3.9, and of course, cannot download the new. I found an old forum post and agree with the assertion, "Never upgrade, never upgrade...", at least not until you confirm that you CAN (my fault). I don't use video or music on my blog ( via, but can no longer view the Stats graph, and am wondering what else I've just un-enabled myself from doing and seeing on my blog? I've searched on-line, and it doesn't seem easy to come across older versions of Adobe Flash Player to re-install. Suggestions?

  2. You'll need to Contact support.

  3. kiefferceramics

    Thanks, Teck07. I emailed Support, but am surprised this isn't a question for the Forums because it's a minor issue? Would this question have been better placed under a different category? Thanks,

  4. No because we're volunteers & we don't have access to the back end components.
    Al your welcome! :)

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