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Can not access my about page

  1. schadenfreudecomic

    The same thing that happens in Safari happens in Firefox... Very odd.

    It's defiantly got me stumped. I can still post in both Firefox and Safari, I just have to open a new page to get back to wordpress.

  2. Crazy request - have you shut down your computer recently? I am also on a Mac, but I'm wondering if you're having a stumble from the computer itself. It's very odd!

  3. schadenfreudecomic

    I shut down the computer every night. I had to learn the hard way recently that its required for the computer to survive. I had to replace the batter recently.

    It could very well be my computer I just wish I knew what was causing it...

  4. schadenfreudecomic

    I have also recently updated all of my browsers thinking that maybe they were the problem.

  5. I just tried this on your site (Chrome on a Macbook Pro), and I don't see it happening at all.

    I'm not sure if it'll be helpful, but could you try to take a screenshot of what you see (or don't see) on update/post?


  6. schadenfreudecomic

    I've added the image you requested in a post titled "here's the error". Even got the same message while posting it.

  7. Thanks for the screenshot.

    Are you still getting these internal server errors?

    I just uploaded a few test images to your media library, as well as loaded up your About page, without seeing any errors. I tried both drag-and-drop as well as the traditional method of browsing to the file from the hard drive.

    Does it make a difference if you use a secure address, starting with https? I noticed it was only http in your screenshot.

    For example, could you try to upload an image to the media library through this URL?

    You can permanently enable https URLS by following these instructions

  8. schadenfreudecomic

    It seems to be working now. I have no idea what changed. Thanks for all your help.

  9. My pleasure - glad things are working better now.

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