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can not access my website

  1. When I go into my website, the site is popping up, where it says that I need to renew my domain. shouldn´t my domain continue automatically? I don´t know how to fix this...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unless you set up Auto Renew, it won't automatically renew. You'll have to buy it again. Try buying it from first, though. Sometimes other companies buy them when they come available and charge a fortune for them. If you can renew through it'll only cost you five dollars.

  3. "Your blog is mapped to your domain ( and this domain mapping needs to be renewed before 10. October 2012. Renewal will extend the domain mapping by one year, until 10. October 2013 for only $13.00. (Remember to renew the domain itself with your registrar, too.)"

    does this mean that someone else has bought it? since it says "remember to renew the domain with your registar, too"?

  4. This outfit does this every year. They send out bogus notices to people about domains they aren't the domain registrar for and try to suck you into transferring, so they can become your registrar and they can charge you the moon for what we get here for a bargain basement price.

  5. @ompfdesign
    I'm flagging this thread so Staff can verify whether or not they sent what you received and are quoting from.

  6. oooh, okey...
    But how can I get rid of them? Currently the nameservers for my domain is not wordpress... How did this happend?

  7. 1. Did you purchase you domain name from

    2. Did you purchase a domain mapping upgrade from so you could map from a blog to that domain? if so then what is the underlying blog URL starting with http:// ?

  8. 3. I think that site is hosted by Confluence Networks and if that's the case then we can't help here at all. We provide support here only for those who have free hosted blogs on this support forum.

  9. 4. Please read this as I think you ought to be posting to

  10. I used weebly before wordpress, so I moved my domain from weebly.
    And I don´t have a underlying wordpress blog...

  11. If you moved your blog from Weebly to WordPress, you do indeed have an underlying WordPress blog. Its URL will be of the form whatever.

  12. The email you quoted did come from us. Domain Mapping needs to be renewed annually, and yours will expire on October 9, 2012.

    The domain is mapped to

    However, the domain's registration appears to have expired, so I recommend contacting your domain registrar ASAP.

  13. ok.
    it says the nameservers for my domain is
    I don´t understand how that happened... never heard about it before.

  14. Contact your domain registrar, the company you bought the domain from. Do it NOW.

  15. That is probably something that your registrar, probably, did when it expired.

  16. I renewed it today, but i moved my domain too wordpress. Doesn´t that make wordpress my domain registar? confused!

  17. We cannot accept incoming domain transfers, we can only map domains here.

    The domain would still need to be valid with your previous registrar.

  18. i´ve found out that my domain is at, and it´s not expired.
    But why won´t it work? How do I change my nameserver?
    (this is not my strong side...)

  19. You need to change your nameservers back to:


    The nameservers need to changed through your registrar, so you'll have to contact them for help.

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