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Can not choose free option for new blog

  1. michellewstbrk

    I have had a wordpress account for years. I am trying to start a blog on the free and during the setup process it will not allow me to choose a domain. It only shows domains that I have to purchase on the premium plan. How can I set up a free one?

  2. Hello there, have you been able to resolve this issue? I found a similar thread from a user having this problem

    Regardless, I've gone ahead and tagged this thread for staff involvement. Thank you for your patience as over the weekend things tend to be a little slower.

  3. Thanks @justjennifer - it is the same issue indeed. We'll have our teams take a look, @mbucalily, and see what can be done for your account. Cheers :)

  4. Me too, I can't find out how to make a new blog.

  5. michellewstbrk

    Thank you @justjennifer and @supernovia. Look forward to getting this resolved :)

  6. @trumpetwind your issue appears to be different. Can you start your own thread with more details? You can do that here:

  7. @mbucalily we were able to fix this for you, actually. Let us know if you can register your site now.

  8. @supernovia Thank you so much. I just created a site. Everything works perfectly now :)

  9. Perfect. Cheers :)

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