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    I created word press blog Free version, When I go to Themes options and want to edit my themes (because I need to verify my blog with google web master tools) but there I am unable to do so, I do not know my forum version because I just created free forum from wordpress.

    Any body please lemme know how could I do this.

    Thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is



    This is the process you need to use >




    Thanks for your support but I did the procedure you mention above, I paste the Code from Google Webmaster tools in WordPress Tools options but when I login to Google Webmaster tools ,I see that my website is still unverified,and 3 days before I created my blog,but still that,s not listed in Google Search engine, so how I can make my blog available in Google search and why my blog is still not verify in Google webmaster tools?

    Thanks again.


    Even with verification, it can take the search engines 4-6 weeks to index your site although it sometimes happens in a week or less. This isn’t something anyone has any control over. It takes whatever time it takes. It all depends on how much stuff is backed up in the search engine queues. It might take several days for the verification. Just be patient.

    Post regularly and every time you publish a post, wordpress will ping all major search engines and services for you automatically. Keep fresh, original content coming on a regular schedule. That is most important when you are just starting out. Right now you only have two posts. Get some more up on the site.


    You may also want to read this post by timethief. It has a plethora of very useful information.

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