Can not exclude category in widget cloud.

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    I just switched my categories and tags. Previously I had a tag cloud in my footer so I switched it out for a category cloud, but I am finding it will not allow me to exclude “Miscellaneous”, which looks ridiculous because there’s currently many more posts associated with it than my other categories. I would really like to exclude it, but typing it into the “Exclude:” field is making no changes. I tried it with a different category too just for kicks and it also didn’t do anything. And yes, I am clicking “Save”. Over and over. Haha.

    Also, previously I had a simple list of my categories, so I’d like to have a list of my now tags. But I do not see this widget, I only see tag cloud. Am I just missing it or does that not exist?

    The blog I need help with is


    You don’t type the category name, you type the category ID number. To find that number, go to Posts > Categories, hover over the category name, look at the status/progress bar of your browser.

    No, there’s no “Tags” widget, only the Tag Cloud widget.


    I thought it might be something like that but definitely wouldn’t have figured that out on my own. Thanks so much!


    You’re welcome!

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