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Can not indent my menu?

  1. Hey community - my blog

    I am having an issue with the menu and trying to keep it indented. This glitch happened once before and randomly was solved one day, but now it is occuring again.

    I want it to say featured posts and then when you hover over it with your 'mouse' a drop-down menu should appear. However, every time I save the menu, the indents disappear creating the menu to have a lot more than I want it to.

    If you know how to solve this, or need more clarification on the issue let me know.

    Thanks, Brad

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am using Firefox 10.0.2 and I see this:
    About/Contact Us
    Featured Posts
    -S0ng of the Day
    -Remix Rehab
    -Thee Nasty
    (Note that the items with the - (dash) are indented.
    Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Note that you can upgrade any browser version here.

  3. Hey timethief,

    What it supposed to look like is:
    About/Contact Us
    Featured Posts: (when you hover over featured post) a drop down menu of -S0ng of the day, remix rehab, and thee nasty should pop out.

    However everytime I save it to be like this in my menu dashboard it reverts to the way you see it. I will try and clear my browser cache/cookies to see if that does anything.


  4. Is what you are saying is that yoiu created sub-pages that are not appearing in a custom menu?

    Troubleshooting – My menu isn’t appearing
    Go to the custom menu page in the dashboard Apearance > Menus and in the “theme location” module at upper left select your custom menu from the pulldown and then click “save”.

  5. We are getting closer to the problem! :D

    okay so in the custom menu page in dashboard --> Appearance --> Menu.

    I have the correct theme location, however on the right side where you choose what goes into the menu is where the issue is. I have 'home' and 'about/contact us', then there is 'featured post' which is considered a category, and I am trying to put in the sub categories 's0ng of the day, remix rehab, thee nasty', Doing this requires "indenting these categories" under the 'featured post' cat.

    Every time I save, the page refreshes and the categories that should be indented under featured post disappear.. they revert back to being aligned all the same, which gives you what you currently see on the homepage.

  6. What browser and version are you using?

  7. @Justpi,

    Hey found the issue -- I was using google chrome which was messing it up. I just opened up the dashboard / menu in Safari and it worked instantly.

    Appreacite the help from both you and Timetheif.

    Thanks!! br00d

  8. You're welcome. The most reliable browsers are Safari and Firefox.

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